Because we are so committed to providing the best VALUE removalist service in Melbourne - here are our top 6 money saving tips before moving day to save you even more..

Get in early

Some companies have higher prices on busy days so if you book further ahead you might even have a chance at getting a discounted rate.

Wrap it

Consider using shrink/bubble wrap for your more fragile items such as TV’s, fridges and wooden items. MLB Removals can wrap it for you but you will save time and money wrapping things ahead of time.

Pad it

Before boxing up your crockery, cookware and fragile items use paper, linen and anything you can get your hands on - this saves buying extra packing materials.

Save a park

Ensure there’s enough room for our truck nearby the entrance. You’d be surprised how much time you can shave off by parking a little closer to the door.

Clear the way

Make sure all doorways and pathways are clear and easy to manoeuvre through.

Disassemble what you can

For big or bulky items that can be broken down it’s always handy to have a go at making them easier to shift before we arrive. Of Course we can take care of this if you prefer at no extra cost.